Ulyankina: If Sosnitskaya weren’t injured right now, she’d compete for Georgia already

A few days ago the president of the Georgian gymnastics federation announced that Alla Sosnitskaya is considering changing her nationality to Georgia and her first competition for the new country might happen as early as the middle of October.

However, Sosnitskaya’s personal coach Marina Ulyankina said that the gymnast is currently injured and is not likely to be able to compete till December:

“Right now Sosnitskaya isn’t in the desired shape, she’s injured. It’s hard to say when Alla will recover. We need to wait until December, then things can get a bit clearer. If Sosnitskaya competes at the Voronin Cup [in December], then we will be taking care of her nationality change.”

“If she didn’t have health issues, she would have already been competing for this country [Georgia]. But for now, she’s still a member of the Russian national team. But, if she wants to train and compete further, then, I’ll say again, it’s entirely possible that she will compete for Georgia”.


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